Sunday, October 14, 2007

pick up the phone

Listening to: Golden Hits by Leo Ku I woke up without my voice. Oh voice, where have you been? I've been missing you! So I had been abusing you last night. But it was all for the love of Science and Arts! ...And Math. Who deleted all my FIR songs?! Gah. It's raining! It's raining! W000ters! And I woke up at 12 too! Thanks to my morning call =D (and it's okay to be late by ten minutes as long as I WAKE UP around that hour) And I did hear the curse 'pick up the phone dammit' when I picked up the phone, you know (not you, SW). Not a nice greeting. And I'm skipping tuition again. GAWD! Last last Friday: Forgot all about it until it was night. Last last Sunday: Didn't go because wanted to go to Great Eastern Mall =D Last Wednesday: Went to tuition and had all the fun in the world bullying Rebecca with Mr Raymond and watched a housewife bangers episode. Last Friday: Didn't go because no transport. Today: Can't go because no transport.